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Himanshu Bhagat

Dr. Himanshu Bhagat


Dr. Himanshu is known for guiding individuals through challenging patterns that have proven difficult to break, whether these patterns reside within the physical body or the emotional self. His unique approach involves establishing a profound connection with the body, often surprising clients with the extent of healing that can occur through this connection alone.

His each session usually starts with a pivotal question that resonates deeply with his clients: “How are you feeling in your body now?” A question that serves as a gateway to unraveling layers of physical and emotional experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with oneself.

His expertise in Osteopathy, complemented by a rich background in Biodynamic Craniosacral work, Physical therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Family Constellation and 

Bach Flower, presents a rare and invaluable combination. In each session, Dr. Himanshu seamlessly integrates both body and mind, navigating through latent patterns that may have eluded conscious awareness.

Specializing in both Soft tissue and Structural work, he offers a comprehensive approach that aims for lasting relief in the body. The amalgamation of these modalities addresses immediate concerns and lays the groundwork for sustained physical and emotional well-being.

For those seeking transformative change—Dr. Himanshu’s sessions offer a path to breaking through entrenched patterns, fostering a renewed sense of self. If you’re ready to embark on this journey of personal evolution, a session with him is undoubtedly worth exploring.