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The White Elephant An Alternate Therapy Clinic

Refund & Cancellation Policy


The White Elephant will consider the following conditions and instances where a refund will be applicable and anything beyond these instances would be taken up by the management on a case-to-case basis. The following instances are:

If there was an accounting error and you were charged more than the actual amount, the overcharged amount will be refunded.


If you’re running late, please note that the sessions are on slot basis, so the time left in your slot will be attended to. 
We have a strict no cancellation policy, please ensure to book your appointment only once you are sure to make it for your appointment. 

There is always an advantage to book on the website, the prices are different when you choose to book here in advance versus booking with the clinic directly and paying after the session.


    1. Osteopathy- 3000INR

    2. Craniosacral therapy- 3000INR

    3. Somatic Experiencing- 3000INR

    4. Physiotherapy- 3000INR

    5. Family constellation- 6000INR

    6. Bach Flower Remedy- 2000INR

24 hours prior: No charge + reschedule to anytime available 

One can only reschedule an appointment twice

The White Elephant Sprinkles of Wisdom

Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. No Refund Policy

All payments made to The White Elephant Sprinkles of Wisdom are subject to a strict no-refund policy. By choosing to make payments, you agree to abide by this policy

2. Application Approval

It is essential for prospective students to ensure that their application is approved before proceeding with any payments. Payments should only be made after receiving confirmation of acceptance into the training program.

3. Confirmation

Prior to making any payments, individuals are encouraged to carefully consider their decision and confirm their seat at the training. Once payment is completed, a receipt will be promptly sent via email.

4. Missed Training Dates

In the event that a student is unable to attend their scheduled training dates due to an emergency, accommodations will be made for participation in the next available training session. Please notify The White Elephant Sprinkles of Wisdom as soon as possible to arrange for rescheduling.

5. Seminar Value and Negotiation

The value of each seminar or training session may vary and is determined by The White Elephant Sprinkles of Wisdom. This value is non-negotiable unless a discount offer is officially announced by the organiser or if a scholarship has been offered and confirmed by our team.

6. International Payments

For foreign citizens intending to make payments for training sessions, please note that processing fees for international transactions are not included in the training fees.

Individuals making international payments are responsible for covering any associated processing fees from their end to facilitate the transaction.

Note: By enrolling in The White Elephant Sprinkles of Wisdom training programmes and making payments, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to the terms outlined in this Refund and Cancellation Policy. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further clarification.