Treating symptoms or Enhancing the health

What is the mechanism in the body trying to do?

Osteopathy is about finding health in the system. It is about allowing the body to function at its optimum best. The body is always trying to find homeostasis within and all the symptoms which shows up in the body is because there is a mechanism within, which is working to create a homeostasis, so that the body can function at its maximum best. The symptoms which the patient shows are the responses from the homeostasis of the system, instead of ATTENDING THE SYMPTOM AND TRYING TO RESOLVE THE SYMPTOMS, an osteopath looks for what the mechanism in the body would want to do and allow the body to do it, for example if a patient got some fever and he come to an osteopath , how an osteopath will only treat the body, he will not give any medication to lower the  temperature.

We all know that fever is the rise in temperature of the body in response to some infection in the body, to fight with the pathogen, the body raises the temperature of the body to kill the pathogen. How can an osteopath help in killing the bacteria or lessen the infection? A procedure called lymphatic drainage can be really helpful in draining the infection and helps to heal the infected sight, also to drain the lymph helps in healing the body at its core.

This is one way of explaining how osteopathy sessions work.

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