Pooja Sreenivasa
Craniosacral therapy | Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

The founder of The White Elephant Clinic, she is a Craniosacral therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner who believes that listening to the body can reinstate balance and help heal. With knowledge in alternative supportive practices such as Family constellation, psychology and usage of essential oils, her clients are benefited with a holistic approach. She helps them find safety in health.
She treats severe chronic health conditions varying from Ankylosing Spondylitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Developmental conditions in children and Chronic Digestive conditions. Her expertise lies in treating Pregnant women and infants.

Dr. Himanshu Bhagat
Osteopathy | Craniosacral therapy | Somatic Experiencing Practitioner | Physical therapy

He is an Osteopath, Craniosacral therapist, Somatic experiencing practitioner, Physiotherapist, Myo-fascial Release and Visceral manipulation expert. His extensive experience and expertise in understanding the body makes him an excellent diagnostic practitioner in identifying any imbalance or dysfunction the body may be experiencing. He believes that ‘Every organ has a vital role in defining the health status of the body’.

You would often hear him ask ‘Where do you feel it in the body?’, and brings the clients awareness to the root of the problem. His symptomatic approach to treatment brings the body to its natural state of functionality.

His speciality lies in treating Trauma, chronic pain, conditions related to the spine, Autoimmune disorders and Anxiety for all age groups.

Dr. Dhanajayan Jayavel
Physiotherapy | Spinal Manual Therapy

Physiotherapist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Dr. Dhanajeyan is the Founder of The Spectrum Physio Centre, Founder and General Secretary of Bangalore Physiotherapist Network and co-founder of the Spectrum racing team.

He completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University and Master of Physiotherapy from Vinayaka Mission University Salem.

He completed a certificate in spinal manual therapy from Manipal University, Certificate in Manual therapy from Federation of Indian Manual Therapist, Bangalore and also certified in “Kinesio-tape” from K-Tape Europe.

Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel also served as bicycle physiotherapist for Nilgiris bicycle race for past 6 years and serving as a consultant for various software companies for the past two decades. He loved to treat challenging knee injuries and treated more than 1000 knee injuries in 15 years.

Pujitha Shetty
Pregnancy Fitness Trainer | Child Birth Educator | Reiki Practitioner

Pujitha Shetty is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, CAPPA Certified Pregnancy Fitness Educator and a Reiki Practitioner. She is the founder of Calmbirth India Wellness Classes that serves Mothers-to-be and Newborn Mothers.

Her sessions aim to provide parents to be an understanding of how the birthing body works through the various phases of their pregnancy journey. By weaving in our age-old understanding about pregnancy, the sessions become a holistic learning and sometimes an unlearning experience.

Pujitha focuses on creating a healthy and content parent-baby dyad while supporting mothers-to-be throughout the pregnancy and post partum phases with fitness, nutrition, birth and post-birth preparation.

Ranjani K S
Reiki Practitioner | Pranic Healing | NLP Practitioner | Clinical Hypnotherapy

Ranjani is an engineer turned trainer and therapist. She learnt Reiki and Pranic healing and is an Arhatic Yogi in Pranic Healing. She is also an NLP Master and an EKAA-certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Unlike the traditional hypnotherapy or mesmerism as it was popularly known, Clinical Hypnotherapy is about tapping into a person’s subconscious mind. It helps a person to tap into their minds with heightened awareness to deal with phobias, psychological problems, and so on.

Ranjani uses Clinical Hypnotherapy in conjunction with other effective cognitive and behavioural methods like NLP, EFT and other such techniques for overall healing and change.

Dr Meghna Mevawala
Clinical and Sports Nutritionist

With over 14 years of experience, Megha specializes in sports nutrition and is certified by the International Sports Sciences Academy (ISSA). She is also certified in Functional Medicine from Belle Sante Institute of Functional Medicine.

She is the official nutritionist for marathon groups like Jayanagar Jaguars and fitness clubs like Wanitha Ashoks fitness centres.

Dr. Meghna also works with corporates providing comprehensive, custom, nutrition & health solutions that have been essential in helping employees overcome stress, obesity and lifestyle disorders.