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So common, in today’s day! But why does my pain keep coming back?

Neck Pain from an Osteopathic View.

We all have had neck pain at one point or another in our lives. A few of us are lucky with a healthy spine and a healthy life. But not all are so lucky. Out of 10 approximately 8 IT professionals are facing pain in neck from severe to mild and out of these 8, 4 are severely affected by the pain in the neck which radiate into the hands. It is a very common thing for people to have suffered from neck pain, numbness in hands or fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. Now when an IT professional approaches a Doctor he/she either is prescribed for painkillers or physiotherapy. Conventional physiotherapy involves releasing the tight muscles around the neck and shoulder and then followed with rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the muscles. This approach independently sometimes helps and sometimes doesn’t.

With Physiotherapy, the physiotherapist works on the pain area, which is the neck, shoulders and arm, but the cause might not be in the neck. It could just be a symptom, which is visible in neck and shoulder. An osteopath aims to find the root cause of the pain and correct that.

To understand this better, let’s go through a case study, Just to give an example how an osteopath would see a neck pain case is:

The tension in the diaphragm could lead to a pull in the pericardium (lining of the heart muscles) ligaments, which could lead to a pull in the ligaments which are attached to the lower cervical spine and mid thoracic. This pull can be the root cause of the pain in the neck. It may not relieve you of your complaints unless the tightness in the ligaments is released in the pericardium which is connected at the lower cervical and mid thoracic spine. Releasing this tension can give not just immense relief in the pain but also helps to heal the body for better functioning.

The White Elephant clinic provides various alternate therapies that one can explore to find health or work through any condition, with none or minimum invasive techniques which hold the belief that the body needs just support and facilitation to bring the original health to work to fight any condition or disease that the body holds home to. The body has an innate intelligence that helps the body repair and our aim is to enhance this power of the body though various therapies we provide here.

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