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Silence the Mind & The body will Heal!

The body has the power to heal, the only thing one has to do,
Is silence the mind. &
Allow the healing to happen!

The body knows how to heal itself. The body is built from two single cells that fused together to form a one cell from which the whole body has developed. If you see the skin cell, it is different from the brain cell, which is different from cardiac cell, which is different from the liver cell. How is it possible to have all these different cells from one single cell and performing a very different function in the human body?

Dr. AT Still, the founder of Osteopathy says “the body has all the medicines which it requires to heal the body.”

The body has the intelligence, which is required for the differentiation and integration of the whole human body. A new body with life from a single cell. Tapping into this inherent health is what an Osteopath does. Finding the health in the system, Finding the resources and helping the body let go an extra bit of weight or stress that it might be holding, to help it to heal on its own.

A slight manipulation and mobilization can be really helpful to remind the body its original blue print of health.

The question comes down to when the body has all the information to know how to heal, then why it is not healing and why does one need an Osteopath or a craniosacral therapist or medicines or anything?

The problem here is that the body is healing at its own pace which sometimes may not be enough. The mind wants to get rid of the pain or discomfort as soon as it learns about it, which becomes a hindrance from allowing the body to heal.

An Osteopath provides a space in which the nervous system feels safe and secure. Once the nervous system feels safe it lets go of the imprint of stress and goes back into a state of health and harmony. Osteopathy helps in creating this safe space where the nervous system can let go of the uncertainty and helps reinstate the body to selfheal.


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